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Person Centred Risk Assessment for People with Intellectual Disabilities – 2 day

This course has been specifically designed for staff working with people who have Intellectual Disabilities, from all disciplines, in all areas of practice. It is an essential training to prepare staff for their role in supporting service users to pursue their goals, ambitions and priorities. Course content includes

Tools for Risk assessment and risk management plan will be available for use throughout the programme, alternatively the organisations tools can be utilised.

Risk Management – 2 day

The Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 place an onus on all places of work to identify their hazards and put strategies in place to reduce risks to acceptable levels. This programme is designed to support relevant staff to identify those at risk and what work practices and work environments may cause harm.

Course Content includes:

Incident reporting and incident management – 1 day

Aim of Programme

This programme aims to:

Programme Outcomes

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