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N.B Once a decision to include the use of physical methods of managing a child or adults behaviour is made; the modules in this session will become a mandatory aspect of the training programme, for level 2 and 3.


This programme is designed to be delivered over 2 hours. This should allow sufficient time to cover the theory and practical work requested. It should also allow participants to see positive benefits of the training in action when course participants return to their places of work after the course. This includes an onus on the Programme Director Martha McGinn to keep the content current with changes to policy, legislation and government published and BILD Codes of Practice. This responsibility also involves the design of all training slides, case studies, exercises, assessments and course manuals.

Course Aims

This programme has been specifically designed following an extensive Training Need Analysis in the commissioning organisation and aims to equip staff with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to document, report and review incidents and the appropriateness of them.

Modular Content

Tailored Content

The content of these areas, or modules, have been tailored specifically to those working with children or adults who may at times become aggressive with references throughout to the types of problems frequently encountered by those supporting them. Case studies will be based on genuine examples taken from the learner’s workplaces.

Theory & Practice

All teaching, concepts, theories and practices will be referenced (whether to on-line resources, books, government publications etc.) so that those who wish to do further reading or who wish to improve their understanding of the modules can pursue their own interests.

Course Objective

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